Tim Hortons now has all-day breakfast in Canada

Founded in 1964 in Ontario Tim Hortons is one of the best and the most visited Canadian restaurant chain. It is one of the best ways to make sure that you get hygienic and scrumptious food for which the chain is known. It is over 4500+ restaurants in over 9 countries which also makes it one of the largest restaurant chains in the world. It has now been purchased in 2014 by Burger King and since then it is working as one of the subsidiaries of the companies. The overall management of the Tim Hortons is highly qualified to run this kind of restaurant and therefore it is also one of the best tastes which you can find all over the world.

As of Wednesday, July 23, 2018, Tim Hortons is offering its famous breakfast sandwiches throughout the day. It was announced on 21st July 2018 and the franchises, as well as main locations which are in Canada, will be offering this delicacy as a part of the pilot run which was decided in the board meeting. The delicacy in question is very famous among the Canadians and it allows the users to get a quick nutrition which allows them to cope with the tasks for the rest of the day. The pilot was first of all launched in May 2018. It was highly appreciated by the customers and therefore it is one of the best ways to cope with the growing demands in a perfect manner.

The most important part of this idea is the fact that it has been applied with the help of the customers and their constant feedback. According to the presidential resources of the company, it was the demand of the customers which was increasing pressure on the company with every passing day. At this time the pilot has only been launched in Ontario branches and if it is successful then more branches will be included from all over the world until the restaurant completely comes under sales funnel. The all-day breakfast idea will make sure that the customers get their favorites without any hurdle and for the complete day. It also shows that the taste of Tim Hortons is state of the art restaurant and highly demanded. It also shows the trust which the customers put into the restaurant.

Breakfast in Tim Hortons

Breakfast industry in Canada has soaring competition and for the same reason, different names are making sure that different tactics are developed to top the market. The idea of all-day breakfast is one of the best ways to make sure that a healthy step is taken in this regard. Tim Hortons has the number of competitors in the Canadian food market and therefore it is not easy to come up with something unique. The all-day breakfast is an idea which will allow the company to get many steps ahead of others especially McDonald’s. Tim Hortons is a name of quality and professionalism and hence it is one of the best restaurants to make sure that you get the best breakfast all day long.